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 Title: 7 Days as Mine

Author: [info]mixedazngurl & DorKaBLe/[info]dorkii_simba

Betaed by [info]lilxinyue

Rating: PG13-16 

Genre: Romance/Drama

Length: 01/??

Summary: Yoochun, the conceited and popular jerk, teases little Changmin 24/7 about 1. His clumsiness and 2. His eating habits. However, behind this conceited nature of his, he is hiding his own true feelings. On the other hand, Changmin hates Yoochun's guts. But when Yoochun wins a game from a bet, life becomes more interesting than the two thought it would be.



His fingers traveled along the small bumps of the walls, examining each of the different part and beauty that the house held. The old sweet cinnamon scent was still lingering in the air as he reached the living room. How long has it been? A day? A week? A month or a year? Even as those days passed, the house still looked the same.

His footsteps slowed when he got to the stairs. His lips twitched and a quick memory flashed in his mind. Deciding to check out a certain bedroom, he quickly jogged up the stairs and turned to his left. He walked passed the first door to his left and stopped at the second door. Slowly turning the doorknob of the room, he pushed open the door and stepped in…


The sky was a perfect blue and there was a soft, not cool but a warm breeze. It was 94 degrees outside and for a spring season’s temperature to be off like that, was terribly uncomfortable, especially when the hottest temperature the people that lived in the little town have ever encountered was only 85.

So yes, it was burning outside, and yet here he was, rolling his eyes like his usual self, cursing and swearing, sweating and complaining about the unusual hot weather.

Now why exactly was he outside in the first place?

He wanted the day to have a perfect weather for playing basketball outside. Sure, he would have asked his gym coach about not locking the gym doors after 3 o’clock, but the damn weatherman said it was going to be a fine perfect day today. Therefore, he went with option two, the weatherman, and WHALA…here he is…dripping with sweat and looking as if he had just took a shower.

He felt like a Popsicle…


“YOU!” He shouts suddenly and pulls the man closer to him. “Stand right here.”

The other man raises a brow and moves a little to his right. “Er...why?”

He rolls his eyes and moves his friend to where the body would be blocking the sun from him. “Shade…” He continues to fans himself. “It’s freaken burning here. Maybe we should delay the game.”

“Hmmm, do you think that’s a wise choice Park?”

Yoochun looks up at the man with a confused expression. “Why you ask?”

He shrugs. “Minnie-”

“Shut up, only I get to call him that!”

“Alright! Changmin~ would not only think you are a coward for quitting-”

“You want a forfeit?” A voice interrupted them.

Yoochun whipped his head and he caught his breath. There stood a few feet away from him and Yunho was Changmin. One of his hands was on his hip and the other holding onto a basketball with a goofy grin glued across his face. He frowned and stood up. “As if! I just thought you might not come because of this stupid weather!”

“…Uh huh…” The younger boy looked uninterested. “Anyhow,” He threw the basketball at Yoochun. “Let’s see how well the main star is going to play today.”

‘The boy is messing around with me…’ Yoochun had caught the basketball with ease. He narrowed his eyebrows then let out a low growl. “You are on.”


Breathing heavily, Yoochun dropped the basketball and walked towards the two young men who were waiting for him and his playmates. He plopped onto an open seat and massaged his sore legs.

“Chun, catch!”

Yoochun looked up and caught the water bottle in time. He mumbled out “thanks” to Yunho and twisted the cap off, eagerly to get some cool icy water for his dry and a waiting mouth.

“Still up for the challenge?”

Looking up, Yoochun realized that both Yunho and Junsu were smiling down at him, each with a goofy grin on their face. He rolled his eyes and crossed his arms over his chest. They were teasing him again and that was ticking him off. ‘Stupid idiots…’

“Of course,” He tried to answer with confidence, but that didn’t help. It was 17 to 15 and if two shots were made for the opponent’s team, it would be a game point for Changmin’s team. He frowned. The clumsy boy was playing good today. It was either he always knew how to play, or it was just luck.

“It took you a while to answer, are you losing your confidence now Chun?”

“Aish, shut up Yunho.” He got up and whacked Yunho with his towel.

“Two minutes of break left you guys.”

Yoochun bit side of his lower lip. The words from the latter were still fresh from this morning.

~ Flash Back ~

Like always, he was leaning against the front school’s fence, waiting for a certain tall klutz. He smiled silently to himself. So even if the clumsy boy who did nothing but eat and disrespect him – which was surprising for other students – he took interest in the boy. There was something about the boy. Something familiar and if he was right, he would get the chance to make the boy his. Only his.

Yoochun glanced at his watch. Two more minutes and he would be here in no time. He sighed. ‘Aish! Time flies by so slow, especially when you want to meet the person who hates you the most.’

As soon as he heard a certain voice, he looked up and smiled, skipping towards the person happily. “Hiya, Klutz!”

He stopped dead in his tracks before slowly turning his head to the side to meet the school jerk. His eyes flamed up at the nickname. “What do you want…Jerk?”

‘Where’d he come up with a name like that?’ “You are coming today for sure right?”

He sighed in disbelief and looked away then back at the older man. “I am still asking myself why I had agreed in the first place. Perhaps I shouldn’t come since you don’t seem to understand my agreement from the other day.”

“Right. So…that means you’re coming for sure right? No fooling around?”

“I should be the one who’s telling you that there should be no fooling around. Now tell me Mr. Park, what was this bet about again?”

“If I win,” Yoochun stepped closer to him and grabbed his wrist. Feeling that he should tease him, he pulled Changmin towards him, making their bodies touch. He wrapped his other arm around Changmin’s waist and leaned in close to his ear. “I get to keep you as my slave for a week.”

Changmin gasped at the warm breath against his skin. “R-r-right…” He pushed Yoochun away. He cleared his throat and glared at Yoochun. “I doubt that that’ll ever come true.”

Yoochun smiled and took a step closer. Changmin frowned, and took a step back away but then realized that his back was against the wall. “Hmmm…” Yoochun leaned down and breathed in his strawberry scent before whispering huskily into his ear, “We will see who wins when we play the game my Sweet.”

~ End ~

He stared at the man who was sitting across the room from him. Chocolate orbs met chocolate. ‘I have to

‘Finally,’ he thought. ‘Just one…more... Could be impossible…and this is my only damn chance of winning him.’

It was now a tie, 19 to 19 and now their team was taking out. Yoochun bit the side of his cheek and looked to both where Su and Yun were standing. “JaeJoong promised me we’ll win.” Changmin licked his chapped lips. “So it’s obvious that you are going to lose to this bet Yoochun.”

“Don’t talk if you haven’t won yet.” He growled and threw the ball to Junsu. He walked slowly, wincing quietly at the pain that shot through his right ankle. During sometime of the game, he had somehow twisted his ankle.

“Chun!” Cursing to himself, he jogs towards Yunho. Junsu passed the ball to Yunho, who easily caught the ball and then used a chest pass to pass the ball to Yoochun.

Changmin quickly blocks Yoochun. He tries to steal the ball, but it was futile when Yoochun made a wraparound and dribbled the ball closer to where their basket was. He dribbled before jumping to make a jump shot.


Yoochun smiled, as the ball went down the hoop. He turned his attention to where Changmin was yelling.

“Hyung! You said we would win!” Changmin smacked JaeJoong’s shoulder, whining to his hyung that they had just lost.

“Aish, stop hitting me, Min! Sorry! Seesh!”

He frowned and pouted at his hyung. “You said we were going to win! I don’t want to stay all day with that…that Jerk!”

“Changmin,” Yoochun called him. Changmin turned his head to glare at him and just as he was about to open his mouth to shout at him, Yoochun grabbed his arm and pulled him towards his body, smiling mischievously down at him. He slowly inched his face closer, breathing against at Changmin’s skin and placing a quick butterfly kiss on his jaw line before whispering, “Tomorrow at 9, sharp.” Yoochun smirked at him before turning at his heel and walking away.


Disclaimer: If we owned DBSK, I (DorKaBLe/DorKii_SimBa) would have already raped Yoochun and have a flock of Cassiopeia fans at my tail from doing so. Any ideas or related plots are not planned. THIS story belongs to us.


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© 06 July 2008


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